Price Protection

The enrollment periods for Crystal Flash’s annual Price Protection Programs and Budget Payment Plan close on June 30.

Despite recent historic lows for crude oil pricing, market analysts are expecting propane prices to rise for the 2020-21 heating season. This presents an excellent opportunity to lock in your pricing, and, at the same time, set up an affordable monthly budget payment.

But I thought fuel prices had fallen?
As you may know, COVID-19 caused a massive decrease in oil product demand, with fewer people driving, fewer planes flying, and fewer trucks and manufacturers needing diesel. The decrease in demand for unleaded and diesel fuels increased global inventories to record-high levels, driving down prices, and subsequently, production.

While oil products such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel have seen major reductions in demand, propane has not. Propane’s main use as a heating fuel means that its demand levels are dictated by Mother Nature, so it is not impacted by COVID-19 and the global economy as much as other oil products.

Lower oil and gas prices led many producers and refineries to shut down production due to unfavorable economics. With propane production falling and demand staying relatively stable, many market analysts are predicting a potential propane shortage for this upcoming winter — even if it is just a winter with average/typical temperatures.


The Crystal Flash Difference #23:  “When the bitter cold Michigan weather takes its toll, you never have to worry about Crystal Flash running out of propane. Unlike most other suppliers, we buy and store millions of gallons to ensure we have the propane you need, when you need it, all at a reasonable price.”

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The Crystal Flash Difference
Thankfully, Crystal Flash plans ahead! As a Crystal Flash Price Protection Customer, you can rest easy knowing that your propane supply will not run out and your pricing will be secured. Crystal Flash is always looking ahead to ensure that we can provide security of supply at the best prices available. While some other propane suppliers may find themselves paying high market prices and struggling to fill orders this winter, Crystal Flash’s customers will experience routine propane deliveries, exceptional service and affordable rates.

Crystal Flash offers several Price Protection Plan options, including Fixed Price, Cap Rate, Market Rate and a Pre-buy Program. If you are not already enrolled in a Crystal Flash Price Protection Plan and/or the Crystal Flash Budget Payment Plan, contact the employee-owners of Crystal Flash at 800.875.4851 before the June 30 enrollment periods close.