ESOP Company of the Year

Crystal Flash Named 2020 Michigan ESOP Company of the Year

The Michigan Chapter of The ESOP Association has named Crystal Flash, Inc. its 2020 Company of the Year, an award given to businesses demonstrating a commitment to fostering a sense of employee ownership in the company.

Winning the ESOP Company of the Year award is an honor based on a few specific criteria. Most importantly, the winning company must demonstrate a commitment to encouraging a sense of employee ownership, as shown by the company’s involvement with The ESOP Association, the manner in which the company communicates with employees and the manner in which it values employee participation and individual dignity. In addition, the company must be financially solvent, and must have a record of more than two years of sponsorship in The ESOP Association.

A statement released by The ESOP Association reads, “The Michigan Chapter of The ESOP Association is proud to announce Crystal Flash, Inc. as their 2020 ESOP Company of the year. Family values, education, and participation are key factors in the company’s success and the promotion of employee ownership. From attending Chapter and National ESOP conferences to being involved in more than 170 local events, Crystal Flash teammates are proud of their company and their ESOP! The Michigan Chapter of The ESOP Association congratulates Crystal Flash, Inc. and looks forward to honoring them at one of our upcoming events.”

Crystal Flash, Inc. President/CEO Tom Olive recently shared his positive reaction to receiving this award, “The employee owners of Crystal Flash are singularly focused on delighting the customer with safe, timely deliveries of the fuel products they need to be successful. Team CF’s dedication to serving the customer, working together as a team, and living our values every day is a perfect match for the virtues of employee ownership. We are honored to be recognized by The ESOP Association and will strive to continue delivering at these high standards in the coming decades.”

As the winner of the 2020 Michigan Company of the Year award, Crystal Flash, Inc. will also be entered as a candidate for The ESOP Association’s 2020 national awards. The winner of the 2020 National ESOP Company of the Year will be announced later this year.


Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Crystal Flash, Inc., is a 100% employee owned energy distribution company serving residential, commercial and agricultural customers across Michigan. Established in 1932, Crystal Flash has grown as the demand for energy has evolved, and today concentrates on the sale and distribution of propane, diesel, gasoline, and lubricants. The company currently has over 270 employee-owners and is one of the largest independently owned energy suppliers in the state.

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