Bulk Fuels / Transport

We are a recognized and reliable provider of contract carrier services. Our competitive bulk deliveries of diesel, gasoline, and propane allow you to have seamless inventory control at a reasonable cost.

Gallons Hauled Annually
Gas Stations Serviced
Miles Travelled Annually
Days We Serve a Year

We offer versatile delivery and pricing schedules, and expedient pump-off and pump-out services when needed. Your time is valuable which is why we are known in the industry for hitting our delivery windows and working efficiently. We offer tank monitoring inventory control systems that are fully integrated and managed 24/7 by a dedicated dispatch team.

Michigan, Indiana and Ohio

Serving Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio

State-of-the-art satellite tracking on our fleets allows us real-time insight and provides you:

Pinpoint Location Accuracy

Route Optimization

Specific Delivery Windows

Crystal Flash bulk fuels delivery

Fueling Stations

If you manage a fueling station, you know that running out of fuel is not an option. That’s why the region’s top station providers choose our contract carrier services.

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