Crystal Flash community event

CF Donates To Child Welfare Organization

Traverse City, Michigan, April 27, 2016 

Crystal Flash, one of the largest energy providers in Michigan,

recently donated 5 wagonloads and 20 duffle bags/backpacks to Child & Family Services of Northwestern Michigan – a nonprofit organization providing vital human services to our community.

During a weekend conference held in Traverse City, Crystal Flash team members put together the bags and wagons that were full of items they had collected from the Crystal Flash team.

“After getting to know the organization, we fell in love with their mission and our team wanted to help”, said Sue Rusch, Crystal Flash customer service representative.

The collection efforts focused on creating bags that are provided to children and teens during their transition to ensure they have basic necessities. Items included toiletries, tissues, hand sanitizer, blankets, washcloths, books and water bottles.

“When a child comes into foster care, they often have little to no personal belongings with them. It is a very scary time as their whole world is changing. Providing these duffle bags is just one thing we can do to make them feel a little more comfortable and bring some joy and stability into their lives. Crystal Flash’s support is truly making a difference in the lives of children in our community,” said Amanda Elliott, Child & Family Service’s marketing specialist.

Rusch, who spearheaded the collection efforts at Crystal Flash, says learning about the process has been emotional and that she is moved by the effort from the team and the organization.

“Giving back to the communities we serve is an essential part of Crystal Flash,” Rusch said. “We are pleased to offer the bags to Child & Family Services to help them drive their mission.”

Child & Family Services provides human services and compassion to over 33,000 individuals across more than 20 counties of Northwestern Michigan. Services offered range from helping facilitate the creation of forever families through adoption, counseling, foster care, 24/7 crisis support and access to safe shelters.

The mission of Child & Family Services is to ensure the safety and well-being of children, youth, adults and families in times of crisis, challenge and life transition. To learn more, visit


About Crystal Flash™

Crystal Flash™ is an energy distribution company focused on commercial and residential customers throughout the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  Established in 1932, Crystal Flash has grown as the demand for energy has evolved, and today concentrates on the sale and distribution of propane, diesel and other fuels.  Today, the company is one of the largest energy suppliers in the state with more than 250 employees in 14 locations.