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The arrival of warmer temperatures in Michigan each year means different things to different people. Here at Crystal Flash, it means preparing for the next heating season. As part of this process, the annual enrollment period for CF’s Price Protection Programs is now open. From now until June 30, CF customers have an excellent opportunity to lock in their pricing for the upcoming heating season via several different program options. Read on for more information on why price protection makes sense for many of our customers, especially given current market conditions.


Energy prices see sizable “post-pandemic” rebound in 2021

A lot has changed in the last year, of course. For example, we’re sure that you’ve noticed when filling up your car that fuel prices have clearly bounced back from pandemic-induced lows. Here’s a bit of information to further illustrate the latest trends in energy prices dating back to last year.

Pricing data shown above is current as of May 2021. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

As you can see, gas prices are up 45% from last June. Similarly, crude oil prices have jumped over 82%. You may know that crude oil is the source of many petroleum products, gasoline, heating oil, diesel, greases/lubricant products and propane — all of which also have had significant price increases since last year. Crude oil prices are almost always a good indicator of where propane prices are heading.

When market prices increase as they have since last summer, it directly impacts costs associated with securing, transporting, storing and delivering propane to customers. Industry analysts are seeing strong indications that propane prices will continue to climb for the upcoming heating season.


What does this mean for me?

Despite the large increases shown above, Crystal Flash is pleased to be able to hold our base Price Protection Program pricing to a much more reasonable increase for the upcoming 2021-22 heating season. Crystal Flash can provide this value to our customers due to our long-term contracts with our suppliers. Our customers also benefit from our ability to buy when prices dip and then store fuel on their behalf. Unlike most other suppliers, CF has millions of gallons of storage in-state, which is part of what we like to call The Crystal Flash Difference.


The Crystal Flash Difference

While other propane suppliers may find themselves paying high market prices and struggling to fill orders this winter, Crystal Flash’s customers will experience routine propane deliveries, exceptional service and affordable rates.

The Crystal Flash Difference #23: When the bitter cold Michigan weather takes its toll, you never have to worry about Crystal Flash running out of propane. Unlike most other suppliers, we buy and store millions of gallons to ensure we have the propane you need, when you need it, all at a reasonable price.

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Crystal Flash offers several Price Protection Program options for the benefit of our customers:

  • Fixed Price: Guarantee your set price for the entire season. An excellent level of pricing security with no upfront costs.
  • Market Price: This price moves with the market and changes frequently. If the price on the open market drops, so will your price. The inverse is also true, however.
  • Pre-buy: Pre-purchase some, or all, of your anticipated gallons for the season and get our best price.

If you are not already enrolled in a Crystal Flash Price Protection Program, contact the employee-owners of Crystal Flash at 800.875.4851 before the June 30 enrollment deadline. To review or make adjustments to your current program prior to June 30, visit Should you choose not to enroll in a Price Protection Program, you can be assured you will always pay a competitive market rate price for your fuel.

Thank you for choosing Crystal Flash as your trusted energy provider. We look forward to serving you during the 2021-22 season!