turning off stove for propane leak

Propane Leak Safety: 7 Steps To Take If You Have A Propane Leak

Propane safety is the utmost importance when it comes to propane gas leaks. If you suspect a gas leak in your home or business, stop what you’re doing, leave the area immediately, and call your propane supplier from a safe location immediately to report the leak.

Propane companies add a unique smell to propane during the manufacturing process, so you can detect right away if there is a gas leak. Follow our guide below to keep you, your family, and your employees safe in the event of a propane leak. For information on how to prevent a propane gas tank leak from happening in the first place, we recommend calling a residential propane supply company near you.


propane leak on valve



1.) Check Propane Tank For Leaks

The easiest way to detect propane gas leaks is if you smell the rotten egg smell added by the company. However, people on specific prescriptions or the elderly may not be able to detect propane as well as others. While it’s uncommon, it may also be possible that the smell added by the manufacturer has dissipated due to corrosion inside the tank.

Checking for a propane leak on a tank is easy. While inside the home, it can be more challenging. Apply soapy water or a leak detector solution(link to our leak detection solution) to the propane tank’s cylinder valve, regulator outlet, and gauge. Examine the tank for any signs of leakage by looking for bubbles creating by the soap and water mixture that you sprayed. If there is only a small amount of bubbles that appear, then it means you have a small leak, and larger bubbles can indicate a more significant leak.



propane leak on regulator

2.) Reduce Risk for Fire or Explosion

With any gas leak, there is always the concern that the slightest ignition could start a fire or explosion. Propane is highly combustible, and when there is a leak, it will accumulate at the lowest points such as basements, sewer drains, etc. Once you have confirmed a gas leak, you’ll need to put out any open flames. Do NOT turn on light switches, household appliances, or even use your phone. The smallest spark could cause an explosion.


Watch this quick video what to do if you suspect a propane leak or smell gas.


turning off propane valve

3.) Shut Off Main Gas Supply Valve On Tank

If you can, turn the main gas supply valve on your propane tank clockwise to prevent more propane gas from leaking into your home. After, immediately move to a safe location and call your propane supplier.

Remember: Do not use your cell phone until you’re in a safe location.



turning off stove for propane leak

4.) Immediately Evacuate Building or Area

If you are able, open as many windows as possible as you exit your house or business. This will help some of the built-up gas escape from your home, reducing the risk of fire or explosions. Do not stop to pack any possessions. Inhaling propane gas can make breathing difficult or impossible. While propane is a clean-burning gas, it can still cause harm if exposed to it for an excessive amount of time.



firetruck responding to propane leak explosion

5.) Call Your Propane Company

Call your propane supplier as soon as you, your family, or your employees are a safe distance away from home or business. Your propane supplier and local fire department will respond to propane leaks 24/7.


woman calling in propane leak

6.) Stay Away until Leak is Stopped

Once you have evacuated the house or business, do not return until your local fire department has stopped the leak and deemed your home safe to re-enter. Do not be tempted to go back inside the house to get belongings.


7.) Schedule Propane Tank Inspection

Before using any of our propane household appliances, you’ll need to schedule a propane tank inspection & leak check to ensure the leak is stopped and fixed so it won’t happen again. To prevent leaks from happening in the first place, we recommend scheduling routine propane gas tank inspections so you and your family can stay safe.


Commonly asked questions.

Do propane tanks leak over time?

Propane tanks shouldn’t leak over time. Believe it or not, running out of gas in your propane tank can be dangerous. If the propane appliance valve or gas line of a propane tank remains open after the propane supply runs out, a leak may occur when the tank is refilled.


What are some ways to turn on a propane tank safely?

We advise you to leave turning on your propane tank to your propane supply company. While it’s as simple as turning a valve, there can be some significant complications with leaks from the tank to your house.


How to fix leaking propane tank valve?

If your propane tank is leaking at the valve, call your local propane company and tell them that you have discovered a leak in your propane tank. It’s crucial that you don’t try to repair the tank any further yourself and let a professional determine a time to come to your home to do a system check or pick up the tank.



Crystal Flash is a residential propane gas supplier in Michigan that offers propane tank installation and inspection services to keep homeowners safe from gas leaks. For more information on how we protect our customers from gas leaks through propane tank maintenance services, be sure to call any of our Michigan Propane Delivery locations.