Critter Barn goats

We recently introduced you to one of our new community partners, Critter Barn. Based on the positive response to that first story, we reached out to Critter Barn for an update.

We recently introduced you to one of Crystal Flash’s newest community partners, Critter Barn. Based on our customers’ positive response to that first story, we reached out to Critter Barn founder/director Mary Rottschafer for an update.

Critter Barn ewes with lambs

CF: Thanks for taking some time to catch up, Mary. Can you tell us about some of the newest animals on the farm?

Mary: Look for lots of baby animals at our new farm… but you’ll need to look fast because they don’t stay small for long! One example, this year, Critter Barn’s 21 ewes have birthed a total of 41 lambs. There were a few singles, lots of twins, and a set of triplets!


Critter Barn goats

CF: As you know, when it comes to farm animals, goats are very popular, and we’ve heard that you’ve got a bunch of them. What’s the latest scoop on the goats at Critter Barn?

Mary: Well, our 18 dairy goats have given us 35 kids, and we proudly raise all six pedigreed breeds of dairy goats: French Alpine, Nubian, LaMancha, Saanen, Oberhasli, and Toggenburg. Not sure who is who? Our staff would be delighted to show you! In addition to the dairy goats, we also raise Boer goats, Angora goats, Pygmy goats, and Nigerian goats. Our new pens were designed to allow visitors to go right in to mingle with the smaller goats. You’ll find them all to be very friendly.


Critter Barn calf with kids

CF: Are there any other newborn animals on site?

Mary: Absolutely! We’ve also got calves, ducklings, chicks, and bunnies, to name a few!


CF: And Critter Barn even makes some animals available for purchase, is that correct?

Mary: Yes, as our broiler chicks grow up, visitors will find them ready for purchase to take home and enjoy for dinner. After all, farms feed people, and the Critter Barn is happy to provide eggs, meats, and soon, other treats from the farm.


CF: Is there anything else folks should know before planning their next visit to the Critter Barn?

Mary: I would say, come for a great time, but also be prepared to learn about Michigan Agriculture during your visit. And plan on washing your hands often, as it is a real working farm! We’re open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and you’ll find us at 2950 80th Avenue in Zeeland and at

CF: Thank you for the update, Mary. We’ll catch up with you again, soon!