Conducting business in regions with colder climates, like Michigan, can require some special considerations, extra planning and coordination. When there’s work to be done in frigid temperatures, the use of propane-powered temporary heating is a smart, safe and economical way to keep a wide variety of outdoor projects and events on track and on budget.

What is temporary heating?

Temporary heating, or “temp heat”, is the process of supplying heat for outdoor, vulnerable, weather-exposed spaces that are temporary in nature.

Which industries commonly utilize temp heat?

While there really are no limitations on the possible uses for temporary heating, some of the most common industry applications include:


Primarily, this involves jobsites associated with structures and buildings under construction. In addition to keeping construction workers comfortable, healthy, and safe, temp heat also helps maintain temperatures/conditions that allow for crucial operations such as painting, dry wall installation and the curing of concrete. Additionally, it’s also common to use propane-powered heat to warm mobile office trailers.

temp heat for construction


From festivals to weddings, these days, outdoor events happen all year round. There’s no better way to keep the warming tent welcoming, comfortable and merry.

temp heat for large tent event

Military & disaster relief:

Quick and efficient installation of propane-powered temp heat equipment makes it a popular choice for first responders during disasters and emergencies. Temp heat is also well suited for keeping medical tents, frontline workers and patients warm and safe.

temporary heat for disaster relief efforts

Why does propane-powered temp heat make sense?

The advantages of utilizing propane and propane-powered heaters for temp heat applications are numerous.

  • Efficiency: Propane-powered heaters are cost-effective and supply more heat (BTUs) than electric heaters.
  • Safety: Crystal Flash always keeps safety at the forefront. When you work with us, you can be confident in our protocols and that we are mindful of all state and local safety requirements at your jobsite.
  • Productivity: Keep your crews working, with reduced weather-related downtime.
  • Portability/Flexibility: Because they do not require access to electricity, propane heaters are portable, and therefore, can be repositioned easily, as necessary.
  • It’s clean: Propane burns cleaner than most other fuels, which limits the toxicity of any fumes associated with high-powered heaters.

How does the temp heat process work?

A temp heat project typically involves three different parties: the customer, a heater rental company (if the customer doesn’t own heaters), and the fuel provider. Communication and coordination among these three parties is very much a key to any temp heat project’s success.

Crystal Flash’s role in this scenario is to set any propane tanks involved, to make any hose connections between the tanks and the heaters and to provide the propane (or in some cases, diesel) being burned by the heaters. With our 24/7 emergency phone support, our team is always accessible and available as project needs or concerns arise.

How can Crystal Flash help with my temp heat needs?

The employee-owners of Crystal Flash are ready to help with all your temp heat needs, including service, site requirements, pricing and any other questions that you may have. Contact us today and we can walk through any questions together.

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