At Crystal Flash, we understand that modern diesel engines require premium fuel to operate at maximum performance levels. New technology now allows us to offer our farming and commercial trucking customers premium diesel fuels that deliver the fuel economy and engine performance they require.


What is ‘premium’ diesel?

Premium diesel fuels contain special additives that optimize modern heavy-duty engines to outperform engines running on standard #2 diesel.

Modern fuels and engine systems are constantly changing. The National Council of Weights and Measures (NCWM) recently defined new requirements for fuels to be marked and sold as “premium”. In response to these changes, Crystal Flash now offers premium diesel products that go above and beyond these standards. Additionally, while other fuel suppliers may offer the same product formulations all year long, Crystal Flash has dedicated winter and summer blends for the benefit of our diesel customers.

7 reasons to choose Crystal Flash Premium Winter Blend

  • Winter Weather Protection – Prevents fuel gelling, stops wax settling and is designed to keep fuel flowing during harsh Michigan winters. Allows for operation in temperatures that are 16-18° F below standard fuel limitations.
  • Moisture Control – Removes moisture from tanks which causes corrosion, black sludge, filter plugging and icing in very cold temperatures.
  • Fuel System Detergent – Decreases ash in exhaust, reducing DPF regeneration. Removes deposits that can form in the fuel system and restores engine efficiency to optimum, “like new” levels.
  • Added Lubricity – Reduces fuel injector/injector pump wear, coating all moving parts with a layer of protection. This results in smoother operation and fewer costly repairs.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors – Protects metal components, forming a protective barrier to ward off corrosive agents, rust formation and prevents pitting. Reduces downtime and costly repairs.
  • Fuel Stability – Keeps stored fuel fresh longer, preventing it from breaking down, oxidizing and clogging filters. This results in less maintenance and fuel spoilage.
  • Cetane Improver – Allows engines to start easier, especially in cold temperatures. Ignites fuel faster for more complete combustion and reduces the likelihood of no-starts, misfires, torque fluctuations, noise and vibrations. Adding cetane booster can also mean a smoother idle, more power, more miles per gallon, less smoke and longer engine life.

Learn more about Premium Diesel and our exclusive Premium 50 Diesel

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