Your safety is our top priority. Take a minute to review important safety information related to your fuel oil tank and save our Handy Checklist for regular review.

  • Your fuel oil tank must be on a level surface. Check the stability of the fuel oil tank legs and surrounding area.
  • Check to see that all fuel oil pipe connections are tight. Also, check the tank bottom and seams for signs of moisture indicating a possible leak.
  • Make sure all fill and vent pipes are accessible and visible to your delivery driver.
  • If you’ve cleaned or replaced your fuel oil fill cap, vent cap, or gauge, have your driver inspect it to make sure that it is properly reinstalled.
  • If you have removed your fuel oil tank, notify us immediately.
  • If you no longer have a fuel oil tank, we strongly suggest removing all fill and vent pipes.
  • Important Reminder: When leaving for an extended period of time in cold weather, ask someone to check your heating system daily to make sure it is operating correctly.
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