Fees can be confusing which is why we have defined our cost for common fees related to service to your home below. Our goal is to provide transparency, which is why you will find fees itemized on every invoice you receive from us.

Emergency Delivery

Making an unscheduled trip means we can’t plan our routes effectively. Emergency delivery fees vary based on time and day of the week.

Tank Rental

(if underutilized)

We do not charge a fee to set a tank on your property or for the use of our tank (which costs us money). If you do not have the minimum required amount of propane delivered to your tank, then a tank rental fee is added to have the underutilized tank sit on your property.

Regulatory (Reg)

Government regulatory agencies such as EPA, OSHA and DOT have many regulations for the propane industry. Like most propane companies, in order to remain in compliance, we implement a fee to help cover a portion of the regulations. This charge includes the Hazardous Materials fee required by law.


The regulated and mandatory PERC (Propane Education & Research Council) fee is levied on each gallon of propane gas odorized or imported into the United States.

Tank Set

We do not charge you to have us set a tank on your property or install gas lines if the lines are under 40 feet long.

Leak/Pressure Test


System Test


Should there be concern of a potential gas leak, we have a 24/7 emergency phone line available. During a leak test or full system check, we examine a variety of points in the energy delivery system to ensure safety. This can vary from checking for leaks from the tank to outside the house, to checking all appliances and installing safety valves when needed.

A leak test is required by law any time there is an interruption of service meaning the flow of gas was stopped for any reason, including if your tank runs out of propane.

Sales Tax

By law, propane for home heating is taxed when it is sold.

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