Fuel Contracting

Plan ahead for budget certainty – Fuel Contracting allows you to lock in a portion of your anticipated fuel needs at a price that works for you. Fuel Contracting is ideal for many businesses including Farming & Agriculture, Excavating, Construction and Trucking & Corporate Fleets.

Why Contract Your Fuel?

Reduce the volatility of fuel price fluctuation

Build a predictable budget by knowing future fuel costs

One average price for the entire contract period

Our Process

  1. Once you start building your plan, a Crystal Flash representative will contact you to review your fuel needs.
  2. We’ll get you set up to start receiving emails with an estimated price based on your preferences.
  3. When you see a price you’d like to lock in, let us know and we’ll secure your contract with you.

Price Protection Considerations

You can have multiple Fuel Contracts with Crystal Flash. This allows you to tailor your gallons to specific delivery periods or dollar-cost-average your price by buying smaller amounts over time for the same delivery period.

Start Building Your Plan:

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