Sometimes the best initial price isn’t always the best investment.

Selecting a propane provider isn’t as easy as the best price. That’s why we’ve prepared this simple guide to help you choose the right propane provider for you.


What is the standard price?

Most propane providers have special introductory offers that expire, moving you to a higher price later in the year. Not that it is bad, but switching can be a hassle and comes with a certain amount of cost, so be certain to compare the standard pricing and take it into consideration when you compare providers.

Gas checks safety

For safety concerns, we always come into your house and check all appliances and install safety valves where needed when opening a new account. Why? Because if there is ever a problem, it is probably not going to be at the tank, but with the appliances you have.If your propane provider only comes to the outside of the house and hooks up the tank, they may be leaving you at risk. We believe so strongly in this practice that we have two documents that we use in checking and re-checking these safety features with you. When we leave, your pilot lights are lit and you are fully functional. Those extra steps are part of what makes us Crystal Flash.  When in doubt, call and we’ll come out!

Is the provider regional and have a local office?

There’s something to be said for being able to drive to an office and talk with a person living in your community and your business (not to mention taxes, wages and jobs stay local). Being out-of-state and part of a big company simply doesn’t lend itself to good customer service and responsiveness.

Fees, rentals and leases

Hidden fees can quickly negate the introductory price. Tank rental fees, pick-up fees, minimum delivery fees, cost-to-set fees and even pulling permit fees are all things to be asking when you are considering a switch. For a further explanation of these fees and a free comparison matrix for your use in choosing a propane provider, call 855.774.9317 and we will send you one to use for apples-to-apples comparison with our competitors.

Talk to us

Finally, nothing beats someone to help you understand all this. Ninety-five percent of our customer service calls are about service and not sales. We help people every day to understand the “ins and outs” of propane use and choices and we’d be pleased to walk you through some of the decision points.

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