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Welsh Wire Podcast with Pam Olson

Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 16, 2018 – Crystal Flash™ Vice President of Human Resources, Pam Olson, joined Sheri Welsh on The Welsh Wire to discuss employee engagement, accountability and an understanding of the “big picture” of company goals and objectives.

Listen in as Pam explains how Crystal Flash is making everyone in the organization responsible for developing their individual plan-on-a-page and reporting their progress in meeting organizational objectives.

About Crystal Flash™

Crystal Flash™ is an employee-owned energy distribution company focused on commercial and residential customers throughout the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  Established in 1932, Crystal Flash has grown as the demand for energy has evolved, and today concentrates on the sale and distribution of propane, diesel and other fuels.  Today, the company is one of the largest independently owned energy suppliers in the state with more than 280 employees in 16 locations.  Learn more.