CF's new lubes truck

Lubes on the Move: Crystal Flash Adds Multi-Purpose Lubricants Truck to its Delivery Fleet

Crystal Flash is pleased to announce the addition of a new multi-purpose lubricant truck to its delivery fleet. This versatile vehicle will not only bring new capabilities and efficiencies to our delivery routes, but also will provide our lubricants and fluids customers with numerous other benefits.

Some of the capabilities of Crystal Flash’s new multi-purpose lubricant truck include:

Delivery/Product Capabilities

  • The ability to carry and pump bulk lubricants and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at the same time as packaged lube products will help create efficient delivery routes while providing our customers with a “one truck” delivery experience (as all lube delivery needs can now be serviced from the same truck).
  • The addition of an on-board DEF storage and pumping system now allows Crystal Flash to provide this value-added service to meet the needs of many of our fuel customers.

Safety Capabilities

  • The new heavy-duty platform, including the addition of twin rear axles, provides a much more stable load and handling experience. The beefier lift gate now allows the safe unloading of full pallets and totes to recipients requiring ground-level deliveries.
  • The addition of an updated ergonomically enhanced driver’s cab, complete with the latest control technology and multi-camera capability, all contribute to the vehicle’s safe operation, improved blind spots/back-up awareness, and an overall better driver experience.

Quality Assurance Capabilities

  • The new multi-purpose lubricant truck also utilizes dedicated storage and pumping systems to segregate product groupings (DEF, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, etc.) to ensure the quality and integrity of products delivered.
  • Equipped state-of-the-art pumps and meters are calibrated for accuracy and are certified thru the State of Michigan to provide accurate quantities/gallons delivered. Meter tickets are provided to the customer at time of delivery to assure quantity integrity.

Crystal Flash is excited about the addition of this versatile vehicle to our fleet, and we hope that many of our customers will get the chance to experience the enhancements it provides, firsthand. Going forward, the employee-owners of Crystal Flash will continue to invest in providing our customers an exceptional lube delivery experience. If you have any questions about CF’s lubricant products or the new multi-purpose lubricant truck, contact us at 800.875.4851 or