You have probably heard by now that there is a shortage of diesel in the U.S. What does that mean? Should we be concerned?

The Michigan Public Service Commission just unveiled its new energy assistance webpage designed to bring together, in one place, ways Michigan energy utility and telecommunications customers can find financial assistance to help them keep the lights and heat on and stay connected.

The website,, includes information and links to state and utility company programs that offer energy bill assistance to income-qualified households, including State Emergency Relief, access to the Michigan Energy Assistance Program, and the annual Home Heating Credit, all of which provide financial assistance for families struggling with home energy costs.

“People who may not normally feel comfortable reaching out for assistance should know that it’s OK to do so. Everyone needs help at some point — and right now we are in challenging times,” MPSC Chair Dan Scripps said. “The MPSC encourages anyone struggling with household energy, phone and internet costs to take a look at this new web page that offers a variety of ways to get financial help and reduce monthly bills.”