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“Flawless Execution” Recognition from Marathon Petroleum Company

Crystal Flash Receives “Flawless Execution” Recognition from Marathon Petroleum Company

Grand Rapids, Michigan, November 19, 2018 – Crystal Flash is honored to have received recognition from Marathon Petroleum Company for “flawless execution”.

“Crystal Flash continues to demonstrate flawless execution by having zero station cross-drops to date in 2018. It has been over a year since your last blend and this is plain and simply fabulous execution!” says Dan Reinhart, L & C Manager at Marathon Petroleum Company.

About Crystal Flash™

Crystal Flash is a 100% employee-owned energy distribution company focused on commercial and residential customers throughout the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Established in 1932, Crystal Flash has grown as the demand for energy has evolved, and today concentrates on the sale and distribution of propane, diesel, gasoline, and lubricants. Today, the company is one of the largest independently owned energy suppliers in the state.