Opportunity knocks as crude oil hits 17-year low

Opportunity knocks as crude oil hits 17-year low

Let’s turn back the clock, because we’re experiencing the modern fuel world’s version of ‘Throwback Thursday’. Given the ripple effect of COVID-19 and the geopolitical turmoil between some OPEC nations and Russia, crude oil is near a 17-year low.

At Crystal Flash, we work with our customers to provide the best service at the best price possible. Right now, Crystal Flash can help you lock in fuel prices at levels which have not been experienced since 2003.

What this means for you:

  1. You can lock in a set price, for a set number of gallons, over a set amount of time
  2. This allows fuel costs to shift from a variable price to a constant price
  3. Your price will stay low even after the market rebounds

How contract gallons works:

  1. Understand that there is no money down, but this is a commitment to purchase
  2. Submit completed Commercial Fuel Contracting Interest and Terms & Conditions forms
  3. Start receiving daily quotes on contract pricing, as defined by your ‘Interest Form’
  4. Let Crystal Flash know when the price is right and lock-in those gallons!

You’re not alone in thinking this is a great opportunity. Crystal Flash has already locked-in more gallons in 2020 than any two previous years combined!

Just for fun, here are a few things that would be nice if they were sold today at 2003 prices:


Gallon of milk$2.95$3.48
3/4 Ton Pickup$29,935.00$38,945.00
Chevy Corvette$43,635.00$58,900.00
In-State College Tuition$12,057.00$20,770.00


Contact us today at 800.875.4851 or sales@crystalflash.com and let us help you lock-in your fuel costs for the rest of 2020.