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How To Be Safe

Home heating oil spills occur usually due to a tank leak, overfilling, or heating system malfunctions. This spills are safety hazards because fuel oil is combustible. In addition, spill may result in very expensive clean up bills to decontaminate surrounding area. Here are few simple steps to prevent damage to property and injuries to people:

  • Check to see that all fuel oil pipe connections are tight.
  • If you have cleaned or replaced your fuel oil fill cap, vent cap, or gauge, have your driver inspect it to make sure that it has been reinstalled properly.
  • Make sure all fill and vent pipes are accessible and visible to the delivery driver.
  • Check the stability of the fuel oil tank legs and surrounding area.
  • If you have removed your fuel oil tank, notify CF immediately to terminate your automatic fill service.
  • If you no longer have a fuel oil tank, CF suggests removing all fill and vent pipes.
  • When leaving home for an extended period of time in cold weather, ask someone to check daily to make sure that the heat is operating correctly.

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