• Crystal Flash is On the Move

    2014 was a busy year. We began with one of the coldest winters in the history of our company. The brutal winter set the pace for the entire year, which has been one of the busiest in our history.& …

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  • Have a Safe Holiday Season

    “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is a popular holiday song made famous by Andy Williams in 1963. A portion of one verse goes: 

    “There'll be parties for hosting …

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  • Lowering Your Winter Heating Bill

    It’s once again time to get ready for colder weather, snow and, of course, higher heating costs.

    While a rise in winter heating bills are expected, there are some practical and affordable …

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  • Are you still using heating oil?

    We live in an era of efficiency. We are constantly trying to do more with less – whether it be in our workplace or home. Families have long used fuel oil to heat their homes, and it has served …

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  • Propane - The versatile energy source.

    What's safe enough to keep your family warm all winter, strong enough to power a fleet of buses, versatile enough to dry crops or clothes? Propane -- one of the fastest growing fuel segments.

    At …

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  • Fall is actually a time of beginning

    For many, fall is a time of ending. Summer is over, trees are changing colors and winter is just around the corner. For us at Crystal Flash, however, fall is a time of beginnings. Each fall we …

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