Commercial Fuel And Services

Crystal Flash is more than just a fuel supplier. Crystal Flash is a well resourced and experienced fuel provider—a partner to help you achieve truly sustainable operations by concurrently meeting the economic, environmental and societal goals you strive to achieve.


  • Ignite™ premium diesel fuel

    Ignite™, and Ignite 50™ contain specially formulated detergents that keep the moving parts of your engine clean.

    Learn more about Ignite™ and Ignite50™

  • Lubricants & Specialty Fluids

    Several brands of quality oils and lubricants are available, as well as heat transfer fluids and anti-freeze.

  • Propane

    Crystal Flash propane meets or exceeds all quality standards for this versatile fuel.

  • Absorbents

    Proven, high quality products to clean up oil and lubricant spills.

  • Gasoline

    From regular to premium grades, always at the most competitive pricing, and always meeting or exceeding all standards for highest quality.


  • On-site Fuel Delivery

    On demand or on a schedule, we’ll keep you operating without interruption.

  • Generator Fueling Plans

    On demand 24-hour fuel support for emergency generators.

  • On-site Fueling

    From our trucks to your equipment, whether at your headquarters or on the job site.

  • Pre-buy Fuel Specials

    Earn discounts when you commit to specific fuel quantities and delivery schedules that meet your anticipated needs.

  • Forklift Cylinder

    Reliable, on-schedule delivery of fuels for your equipment.

  • Tank Loans and Rentals

    Need extra fuel storage? Temporary or permanent tank sets available on demand.

  • Temporary Heat Programs

    From compact to large site heaters, we’ve got you covered. Fuel, tanks, hoses and regulators included. On-call or next day service available.

  • Materials Solutions

    Saving you money by turning your most difficult waster into useful Products.